Cut Out Photography

A large proportion of the work that we produce at Blink Photo is for Brochures, Catalogues and Websites. This form of photography requires us to focus directly on a specific product, and often produce shots on a Pure White background. These are also known as “Cut Outs”.

Our Cut Out Photography Process

Our Photography account managers will guide you through our projects to ensure your products are shot quickly, on budget and, most importantly, to the absolute highest standards.

The Products

Once your project has been discussed with our account managers, simply send your products to our secure Lancashire based photography studio. Our dedicated merchandise manager will check them in and prepare them to our renowned high standards.

The Shoot

Our dedicated Cut Out Photographers will then methodically work through your items ensuring each one is prepared, styled and lit accordingly. We’ll share the initial shots with you to ensure the position, shape and lighting is all correct before receiving approval.

The Retouching

At Blink Photo we have a dedicated post production retouch team. Their job is to add the finishing touches to your shots to ensure each one is looking it’s absolute best before exporting the images as your preferred format.

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Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Our “Bread & Butter” tends to be commercial product photography, but this can cover a huge range of styles and requirements. If you are looking for something specific, why not give us a bell. I’m sure we’ll be able to help with any commercial photography project.

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