Model Photography

Model photography is one of our specialities. Our strong links within the industry give us a head start when sourcing the right model for many types of photography project. So if you need images of your products bringing to life, why not contact us for a model photography shoot today.

Finding The Right Model

When planning a photography shoot with a model there are many factors that must be considered before the correct person is contacted. Usage rates, travel expenses, make up artists, clothing and location must all be considered. Blink Photo has a vast portfolio of model photography, and the experience we have gained in this area of the industry is second to none.

Make Up & Styling

When booking the right model for your photography shoot, we’ll ensure the right make up artists is also included. We’ll factor any additional time the make up might take into your quote before we undertake any of your project.

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Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Our “Bread & Butter” tends to be commercial product photography, but this can cover a huge range of styles and requirements. If you are looking for something specific, why not give us a bell. I’m sure we’ll be able to help with any commercial photography project.

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