Making Animated Gifs

Gifs are a simple, highly compressed image format that allows for basic animations to be embedded into webpages easily. They make ideal banners for advertising, as the looped motion can help to attract the visitors attention quickly. Gifs are also widely used on social media streams to quickly display small amounts of video, and if used properly can be a great viral advertising tool.

Fashion Photography Experience

Our vast experience in the Fashion Photography Industry make us the ideal choice to create animated Gifs for your website. We can take our vast experience and apply the quality and knowledge to each individual frame making your Gif as beautiful as our still shots.

Gif Animation

Animated Gif Concepts & More

If you are looking for a concept for an animated Gif for your website, look no further. Our dedicated team of stylists and art directors can work with you to create concepts and visuals for your next advertising campaign. Contact the Blink Photo team today for a no-obligation quote.

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