Blink reaches a global audience

Two Storey House build in the studio

In 2013 we took on the biggest set build to date when we were commissioned to build a 2 storey luxury house in the studio! The house was constructed to be photographed from both inside looking out and outside looking in complete with a balcony, a garden the size of a tennis court and needed to work for the Uk, Far east and American markets. It was an ambitious project and for the by- folding doors company it was the most cost effective solution in appealing to a global audience. We worked closely with the manchester agency  to establish the different looks. For the Uk version we styled up the house with leather chesterfield sofas, log pile store, industrial style furniture and hanging baskets in the garden. For the American and Dubai version we used large oversized sofas, chrome and metallic surfaces, palm trees with water feature in the garden and the roof was modified to be more in keeping with American/Far eastern architecture.

Cultural challenges

For the lifestyle shots we used a family of models- mum, dad and 2 children. It was important to use the correct traditional dress when photographing for the Far east and so the stylist was sent out to source a dish dash for Dad (a white robe style dress)  and an abaya for Mum which is a black over garment that covers most parts of the body. We also had to consider the styling of the house as it was important not to use anything that could be deemed as sacred in their culture.

Value for money!

With such a large set build it was crucial for the agency to get maximum use out of the shoot as possible and so not only were the images for the brochure taken, a series of advertisements where created to be used in various trade and house builder magazines. The company’s collection of window blinds were also photographed on the set which provided a bank of images for future publications . The agency wanted to cover off the Christmas period too and so a winter wonderland was created with fake snow, a snowman, christmas tree and fairy lights. Getting the most out of your photo-shoot is always something we like to encourage at Blink as we appreciate the costs involved and so being able to factor in advertisements, brochure, web shots, product shots and video is most definitely getting value for money! Although it takes a lot more planning and forward thinking its the most efficient way of using your photography budget. The whole project was a great success and we look forward to working with Origin again in the future!


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